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Our Experts In Englewood Can Save Your Flood Damaged Carpet

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Experts In Englewood Can Save Your Flood Damaged Carpet If you ever notice that your carpet has gotten wet after a storm, call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482 24/7.

Englewood's Flood Damage Technicians Talk About Problems With Carpet And Pad

If a storm ever makes its way into Englewood residence, one of the first objects inside your home that can get affected is your flooring materials. Moisture can make its way into your structure during a storm in several different ways and cause flood damage to occur. If water comes in from a leaking window or your roof, it can follow gravity and make its way to the floor. If it floods on the outside, water can get in through the ground or from faulty lower door seals. Once you notice your carpet is wet, it is wise to call in a professional flood damage company such as SERVPRO.

Wet carpets can quickly create other issues inside your home including problems resulting from raised humidity levels. Once porous materials like your carpets get wet, flood damage mitigation in Englewood by our SERVPRO experts can become a necessity. We can take measures to prevent future health hazards from contaminated water and mold growth. When dealing with fabric materials like carpets, we know that rainwater can contain harmful bacteria and parasites. Knowing that water coming from the outside can be harmful we often remove wet materials such as your carpet and pad.

Wet carpeting materials can cause issues with the subfloor underneath it. Removing carpet and pad allows us to dry out the wooden materials making up your floor, thus preventing future fungal growth problems. Besides, when your carpet gets wet, it not only loses its backing and become delaminated, but it can become a source for mildew-like aromas.

If the water coming into your structure is muddy, then it could be classified as a category three situation which is the same contamination level as sewage water. When this occurs, we dry out all of the affected materials and then seal your subfloor with a specialized sealant paint. This sealer traps in any foul odors and helps prevent future microbial formations. If you ever notice that your carpet has gotten wet after a storm, call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482 24/7.

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Why Ignoring Fire Damage in New Milford Will Cost You Time and Money

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Ignoring Fire Damage in New Milford Will Cost You Time and Money Team SERVPRO understands that fire affects surfaces differently and appropriate remediation methods are required. Call us right away.

Cleaning Fire Damage Residues From the Ceiling of Your New Milford Home

Smoke and fire damage never stop when the fire has been put out by the fire trucks. There is more that happens behind the scenes which is likely to destroy your belongings if the right actions are not taken as soon as possible. Remember, the water they used to put off the fire is still in your property and if not extracted and appropriate cleanup procedures put in place, then your New Milford property is likely to experience unnecessary destruction. This article discusses some of the actions that we take to prevent such eventualities and return your home to its preloss condition.

Let us start by looking at three main procedures that we use when restoring the walls and ceilings of your fire damaged New Milford property. If your building has painted metal or wood ceilings and it happens that heavy smoke residues settled on its surface, then we may consider using wet cleaning. The method is also appropriate when cleaning dry ash from the mentioned surfaces. If our SERVPRO technicians are cleaning light or medium smoke residues, then we can opt for dry cleaning. It is a technique where we use a cleaning sponge to remove the particles. In most cases, we employ dry cleaning techniques before we can start using wet cleaning procedures – which is only possible when dealing with non-greasy soling.

Some fire damage incidents may leave heavy tar soling or nicotine particles in acoustical, porous or non-porous surfaces. In such situations, our SERVPRO technicians use a method known as peroxide active cleaning. We prefer this method when there are chances of dissolving the coating that exists on blown ceilings. During cleaning, we use disinfectants to deactivate mold spores and reduce the chances of its growth.

SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood has the experience and expertise to deal with all sizes if fire damage incidents. Prevent your building from experiencing unnecessary loss and call (201) 266-0482 to have all your questions answered.

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If Your New Milford Aquarium Is Leaking Call In Our Experts For Top-Notch Water Cleanup Services

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Your New Milford Aquarium Is Leaking Call In Our Experts For Top-Notch Water Cleanup Services Call us at (201) 266-0482, so we can help protect your home from accidents like this.

Our Water Cleanup Team Removes Water From Leaky Aquariums In New Milford

Fish in an aquarium might benefit your family in several ways, from the relaxing atmosphere to its low-care requirements. Older tanks often find their way into yard sales in New Milford or local online ads, and resealing these can help young families get an excellent, but low-cost, start in keeping beautiful tropical fish.

When you first set up your aquarium, checking for leaks that might cause damage is a good idea, although many only show up later, requiring emergency water cleanup services in your New Milford home. While you house your fish in another tank or receptacle, we can extract the lost water.

Because of the density of organic compounds within aquarium water, we need to start as soon as possible after the leak begins. Aquarium water is not like water from your tap and immediately begins to smell. Cleaning it up requires more than a few towels and some spray deodorizer.

SERVPRO's specialists can extract the water and ensure that everything resorts to its previous state, just “Like it never even happened.” Both wood floors and carpeting can harbor microscopic pathogens and other organic matter that continually produces that distinctive aquarium scent. When goldfish were in the tank, our services become that much more important. Odor control with water cleanup services become crucial toward protecting both your home and your family's comfort level.

After removing the water and cleaning the area using color-safe antimicrobial cleansers, we air dry the area using a powerful air mover and trap any airborne microbes with an air scrubber. Those that remain embedded in your home's floor and other areas that the water flowed on can retain organic substances.

Our water cleanup strategy includes odor control. Slow-dispersing gel packs can become helpful with this type of odor, as can deodorizing liquids injected directly into affected carpeting. These methods show better results when we perform carpet cleaning or thoroughly wash wood floors beforehand and allow them to dry thoroughly. This may require we return the following day to finish the work. Starting too soon, while the area is still damp from our cleaning of the area can diminish our odor control efforts.

SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood knows families in our area include pets, as well. When these added family members create watery disasters, our water cleanup team is ready to help. Call us at (201) 266-0482, so we can help protect your home from accidents like this.

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Our Team Is Here To Help When Your New Milford Pizzeria Experiences A Water Damage Disaster!

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Team Is Here To Help When Your New Milford Pizzeria Experiences A Water Damage Disaster! A broken pipe in your New Milford pizzeria can make for a terrible day.

Commercial Water Cleanup For Your New Milford Pizzeria

A broken pipe in your New Milford pizzeria can make for a terrible day. You can never predict the amount of damage which strikes your business in an event like this, as the water can leak into walls, flooring, furnishings, and other areas of the building. The water can damage the contents of your shop, plus the structure itself. Plus, the longer the water is left, the more damage is done.

Understanding the importance of needing commercial water cleanup for your New Milford business is essential to getting the repairs needed which can save your property. These situations can strike at any time, and usually, happen when you least expect them. That is why our SERVPRO staff are available to call whenever you need them, and we won’t waste any time getting to you.

Once we find the source of the damage and determine how bad it is, we can begin immediately working on your contents and building. Once we address the root cause of the water issue, SERVPRO technicians start to remove and salvage anything from the affected area that can be salvaged. We then begin to make emergency repairs. We do not want you to have to worry more than you already are, so our technicians also work closely with your insurance company and strive to get your business back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Water from a broken pipe can quickly spread and ruin other areas of your structure. In no time, wood furnishings, books, or records can be damaged or destroyed. Metal surfaces can also suffer damage. Therefore, we must remove any standing water as soon as possible to stop further issues.

We also understand that each day your company can’t be in business is costing you money. If the damage is bad enough to cause you to close up shop during restoration, we work even harder to restore your structure in a timely fashion. We want you back up and running as soon as it is possible. We make certain that there are no lingering contaminants after the process of restoration. If needed, we clean HVAC systems and air ducts.

SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood understands that when your business in Tenafly, New Milford, or Englewood encounters a water damage emergency, time is of the essence. As soon as you encounter a problem, reach out to us by dialing (201) 266-0482 so our experts can get your business up and running regularly again.

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When Heavy Rains Cause Flood Damage To Your Bergen County Home You Need The Team At SERVPRO

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Heavy Rains Cause Flood Damage To Your Bergen County Home You Need The Team At SERVPRO If you ever notice groundwater rising into your home after a storm, call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482 24/7.

Handling Groundwater After A Flood In Bergen County

When heavy rain pours down in Bergen County, flooding outside can cause you problems inside your home. When a flood takes place, water can get deep outdoors and then find its way into your structure by saturating through exterior walls and entering through door seals. Sometimes excessive rains can fill up the groundwater table underneath your building. When this happens, water will trickle into your home from the ground. Groundwater getting into your home after a flood can cause you contamination issues as well as problems with ruined contents and building materials.

The presence of moisture inside your home when it came from the ground can cause you a couple of different problems. Muddy water can rise from your floor after a flood in Bergen County, and when it does, it gets treated the same as a category three damage situation or sewage backup. When dealing with water coming in from the outside, there is always a chance that it is contaminated. Even rainwater may contain harmful bacteria and parasites, so it is classified as category two or gray water. Water that is muddy is most likely harmful, so it is considered black water which is the same as sewage water.

When working with category three water situations, our SERVPRO technicians take extra measures to make sure harmful bacteria does not contaminate your entire home. Any porous materials such as carpet that come into contact with groundwater get disposed of in sealed plastic bags. When drying out other materials that got affected by black water we seal off the area with a plastic barrier so that no contaminants can get released into the air. We then attach an air scrubber to the side of the containment chamber so that it sucks the contaminated air through a HEPA filter before it gets released back into your airflow.

After the affected materials are dry, our SERVPRO crew sanitizes the affected area with disinfectants and antimicrobial chemicals. If you ever notice groundwater rising into your home after a storm, call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482 24/7.

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How Mold in Your New Milford Home Damages Your Personal Belongings

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Mold in Your New Milford Home Damages Your Personal Belongings Mold travels and can take root on your personal belongings. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold.

Preserving the Contents of a New Milford Home After Mold Damage

Many New Milford homeowners do not understand the debilitating effects of fungal growth to their property and its contents. While many can appreciate how these situations could weaken their structural components or even cause potential health effects to the occupants of the house, an often-overlooked element is an effect that a thriving colony can have on contents throughout the affected area. With softer materials of organic composition, the active spores in the damp area of your property can come to rest on items within the area and cause irreparable damage over a brief period.

When calculating mold damage in New Milford homes, our professionals must determine the spread of the organism throughout the affected area and limit this movement. One of the best ways for our team to accomplish this slowing of the progress is through a combined effort of drying out the area and isolating the affected materials with the use of our purifying equipment like air scrubbers to catch spores traveling through the environment.

Our SERVPRO Contents Department is part of the mitigation team dispatched to a mold damage emergency. We work efficiently to determine which items, furniture, and materials remain at risk of mold growth and exposure by remaining on the premises. The at-risk contents get removed by our technicians and taken to a safe location nearby for focused cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization efforts.

Once the mold colonies have gotten removed in the affected areas of your home and the area has gotten sufficiently dried to prevent further mold growth, restoration work can begin on the damage caused by the organism. Often this includes reconstruction and extensive cleanup. After the completion of this step, removed items from your property can get returned to their original positions.

Mold growth can be very damaging to your home and its contents. Trust in our SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood mold remediation specialists to arrive quickly to preserve the items and the materials in your home that can get saved. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (201) 266-0482.

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When A Flood Plagues Your Bergen County Home, You Need Our Experts!

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When A Flood Plagues Your Bergen County Home, You Need Our Experts! When possible, our crew can restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

We Can Help In Flood Damage Situations In Bergen County

Flood water came into your home from the massive storm last night. Since these waters contain dangerous contaminants like chemicals, rodents, dead animals and raw sewage, it is vitally important that you contact professionals like us immediately to deal with the cleanup. Our certified and trained techs aim to thoroughly clean your home and can quickly remove all standing water from the structure.

SERVPRO flood damage techs in Bergen County try to save as many of your personal belongings and household items that they can. We work fast to minimize damages and to preserve contents inside the home. It is of utmost importance for our techs to stop water from seeping into the residence. The crew can check the premises and find and stop the water flow right away. Next, they can begin the water removal stage. They can utilize portable extractors, wet/dry vacuums, wands and pumps to remove water fast. If necessary, we can employ truck-mounted units to move large amounts of water quickly from the affected areas.

In many situations such as a flood, our technicians may need to pack-out various items and contents from the structure like clothing, furniture, appliances, and paper documents. When we remove such materials from home, you can expect our trained techs to keep an accurate inventory and track every item we remove. Taking this step can help with insurance claims and can help the restoration go smoothly. Typically, salvageable items are sitting in contaminated water. When this happens, our techs can remove and clean those items with EPA-registered antimicrobial cleaning agents and sprays to decontaminate everything we take from the structure.

Drying the affected areas is vital to storm restoration. Our team may use air scrubbers to clean and purify the inside air in your home. Plus, we can utilize air moving equipment, heaters, and axial fans to increase the drying stage. Also, our techs may strategically place dehumidifiers in various sections inside the structure to push out dampness and increase moisture evaporation.

SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood flood damage services can restore your home when possible. Call us 24/7 at (201) 266-0482. Our skilled techs are here to help and can assist you in your flood emergency. When possible, our crew can restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

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How Water Damages Your New Milford Basements

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Water Damages Your New Milford Basements Water can easily find a path into your basement. Inspect your property frequently for visible signs of moisture.

Vulnerable Foundations Can Lead to Wet Basements in New Milford

As your New Milford home ages, crucial construction elements like the foundation and walls of the basement level of your property begin to wear down from the pressure of the moisture continually pressing to get inside. With this degradation, the weakest points such as the mortar joints between the blocks fall apart and allow water penetration without the appropriate preventative actions.

Once there is an established pathway into your home, many homeowners find that they require professional water cleanup services to recover their property from water damage in New Milford. Our SERVPRO team can help you to quickly remove this excess water from the affected area, but also provide lasting solutions that can limit the continued spread of this damage in the years to come.

From the moment that our experienced professionals arrive at your property, we begin our efforts to not only extract the water from this lower level of your home but also to identify the vulnerable portions of foundation to address. This inspection of the blockwork and concrete flooring identifies penetration points and can allow our technicians the opportunity to apply compounds such as hydraulic cement to resist the pressure of penetrating moisture. In saturated blocks, our SERVPRO professionals can drill weep holes in the bottom course of block to drain out cells before resealing these points with the high-strength cement.

Keeping the area dry is critical to preventing mold growth in this area of your home, especially with vulnerable components often exposed like flooring supports and wood framing. Air movers and industrial-strength dehumidifiers work in conjunction to force moisture into the air and collect it with the dehumidification equipment for removal from the property.

Water cleanup might seem like something that a homeowner can do on their own, but without adequately drying the area and addressing the continued concerns, it becomes a persistent threat to your property. Our SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood rapid response team can help. Give us a call today at (201) 266-0482.

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Proven Tips for Water Damage Remediation Success in New Milford

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Proven Tips for Water Damage Remediation Success in New Milford When appliances fail and dump water on your flooring, contact SERVPRO for efficient water removal and remediation efforts.

Water Damage Crews in New Milford Talk About Various Types of Specialty Equipment

Any time a pipe breaks or an appliance malfunctions inside an apartment complex in New Milford, there are many different techniques that can be used by a professional company like SERVPRO to mitigate the issues. We know that water damage can come in many different forms and that the various materials in your home all handle moisture contact differently. Porous materials like carpet or other fabrics can get wet easily, but moisture can also be removed rather quickly. Non-porous materials such as concrete or wooden items take a lot of contact with moisture to get saturated, but they are harder to dry out once wet. When mitigating any type of water damage, we always use the right piece of equipment to dry out certain materials inside your living area that get affected by moisture.
From the start to the end of a project, our SERVPRO team has access to the industry's most advanced technology to solve specific problems. At the beginning of water damage mitigation in New Milford, we use moisture sensors and instruments that test temperature and relative humidity. We take initial readings of the environment after a water leak occurs to see how severe the issues got. We first test moisture and humidity levels in affected areas of your apartment to see how much moisture is present. We then take measurements in areas of the apartment complex that did not get affected and compare the difference.
Once we determine our moisture removal goals by getting readings in both affected and unaffected areas, we begin the extraction process. We utilize different attachments to our heavy duty extractors depending on the material we need to extract. After the majority of the moisture gets pulled out, we use specialized drying equipment to remove the remainder of the moisture. Our highly trained team uses their IICRC certification training and their expertise to determine whether things like injection dryers or hardwood floor drying mats should be used.
If you ever suffer from a water leak in your apartment, call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482 for fast service 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Did You Know That Many Items Can be Restored After a Commercial Fire in Teaneck?

11/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Did You Know That Many Items Can be Restored After a Commercial Fire in Teaneck? When facing fire damage to your office location, some items will need to be replaced but many others can be restored. Call SERVPRO today.

What Items Can You Salvage After Commercial Fire Damage in Your Teaneck Office

If your Teaneck office is damaged by fire, you need to rely on commercial fire damage experts. As professionals, we are ready to partner with you and minimize any interruption in your business. By doing so, we help to ensure that your business does not suffer a loss of revenue. Fire can burn down your possessions. These include office documents, furniture, office equipment, and others. Fortunately, working with SERVPRO experts can help you salvage several items.

Here are some of the items you can salvage.

1.Office documents
Today, businesses invest in fireproof cabinets. They do this to prevent the complete loss of documents in case of commercial fire damage in Teaneck. As you already know, not all businesses store their information in the cloud. There are those who prefer storing documents within the office. By investing in fireproof filing cabinets, businesses can prevent damage from water, smoke, and fire. During fire damage remediation, SERVPRO experts can help salvage the office documents.

If the fire was extensive, salvaging your office furniture can be difficult. If it was not, SERVPRO experts can help salvage the furniture. In case of emergencies, we deal with fire, water, soot, and smoke damages. To help you salvage your expensive office furniture, here is what you should do.

Remove the furniture from the office but do not dry it in the sun. Doing so may cause the wood to twist or bend. Instead, place your furniture in a dry and well-ventilated area. You can open the windows or use our dehumidifiers to dry it slowly. After drying, have the furniture cleaned with mild detergent and water.

3.Computers and Networking equipment
Fire, smoke, and soot can damage the internal components of a PC, laptop or router. Smoke and soot stick quickly on components such as the circuit board, fan and heat sinks. When soot mixes with accumulated dust, it forms sponges.

To salvage your computer, shut off the electricity from the mains and unplug it. Place it in a well-ventilated area where a computer professional can blow out the soot, smoke, and dust. Remember, to use anti-static safeguards.

At SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood, we are the best commercial fire damage, specialists. Not only can we help you salvage your possessions but we can help with remediation too. Call our 24/7 emergency line at (201) 266-0482.

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