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Did You Know These Common Myths About Water Removal Services?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

water pooling on living room floor. sofa in background It doesn't take much for water to accumulate in your home. We can completely remediate the damage and make it, "Like it never even happened."

Teaneck Residents Want to Stay Informed about Water Removal Services 

We take water for granted in our Teaneck homes. We switch on the faucet when we need it, fill up the coffee machine, and start the dishwasher. We do not think of water as something that can go wrong until something happens, and we find ourselves facing a puddle. Many things can cause a water incident: 

  • A burst pipe
  • A leaking faucet
  • Inadequate seals around sinks and bathtubs
  • Ill-fitting or damaged door and window frames letting in rain or run-off
  • A broken appliance like a dishwasher or freezer  

If something happens in your Teaneck home, water removal services are the best way to get everything cleaned up and leave your home “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO has a roster of highly-trained technicians who have all the equipment and training needed to help you. We also know that there are some common myths about water services, which might prevent you from getting the help you need. 

Is it true that a little bit of water is not a problem? 

Many of our customers think that a little bit of water is not a problem, so they do not call us until things worsen. However, even a small amount of water has the potential to:  

  • Provide a breeding ground for mold
  • Soak through carpets and damage the backing
  • Cause peeling wallpaper
  • Damage wooden items
  • Stain rugs or upholstery 

It is better to call us in the first instance, even if you think it is insignificant. 

Is it true that water damage is not an emergency? 

People think water damage in Teaneck is only an emergency if it renders your home unlivable or if you can no longer run the faucet or use the facilities. However, water helps provide a breeding ground for mold, which can grow within 48 hours. Water damage to furniture, carpets, and the fabric of your home, gets worse the longer you leave it. 

Is it true that water damage is not dangerous? 

Water damage can lead to mold, which can cause health effects. Water damage can also:  

  • Cause wooden door or window frames to warp
  • Render carpets unsalvageable
  • Soak into insulation or drywall so that you need to replace them
  • Is it true that it is just as easy to fix it yourself? 

People sometimes ask SERVPRO if they can fix water damage themselves, especially if the spill does not seem significant. You might think that you can leave things to air dry, or perhaps hire a carpet cleaning machine. You might put wet items through the washer to refresh them. 

It is not a good idea to try DIY remediation. You might miss some of the damage – SERVPRO uses moisture meters, probes, and thermal imaging to look for hidden patches of moisture. We also follow a tried and tested process for effective remediation. 

Is it true that a dehumidifier is the only piece of equipment you need? 

Another rumor that SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood hears is that a dehumidifier is the only tool you need to dry water damage. A dehumidifier is helpful during water remediation. However, in addition to the monitoring equipment mentioned above, we also use air movers, fans, and portable heaters.  

A dehumidifier reduces the amount of moisture in the air. However, to tackle wet carpets, upholstery, furniture, and walls, we need additional drying equipment. Our team knows how to position the fans and dehumidifiers for the best drying results. 

Is it true that water damage does not smell?  

No – water damage can cause damp smells, and if mold starts growing, there might be a moldy smell. It is frustrating to dry out a leak only to find your home smells unpleasant afterward. 

SERVPRO will deodorize your home after drying. We use air scrubbers and carbon filters to trap odors and refresh the air. We also use odor-eating pellets, which we can spread throughout your home. If the leak was in a closet or storage area, we could place pellets there.  

If the water soaks into upholstery, you would be surprised at how much odor can come from a small scrap of fabric. We use spot cleaning to remove stains and odor from textiles.  

Is it true that you must call your insurer before us? 

Your insurer will have a list of preferred remediation experts, which could include us. Either way, you are allowed to choose your own remediation company. If there is standing water in your home, it is better to call us first to remove it before the damage gets worse. We will document everything as we work. 

When it comes to water removal, no job is too small. Call SERVPRO of Teaneck / Englewood at (201) 266-0482.

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